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You Often Know a Woman by Her Enemies

Protect Trump. Vote Neese. That is what the sign says. That is what the sign means!


On the heels of a contentious debate and amidst an intense run-off for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, Terry Neese for Congress is already triggering radical leftist of Oklahoma County. Terry is openly supporting President Donald J. Trump in her bid to unseat Kendra Horn. Socialists, ANTIFA, and BLM are definitely not voting for Terry Neese. THAT’s A GREAT SIGN!

     Terry Neese is 100% pro life. Senator Stephanie Bice “conveniently” missed votes on key pro-life legislation last session, yet managed tending to other official business at the Capitol those very same days. Then…

     Bice falsely claimed an endorsement from Oklahomans for Life according to Tony Lauinger, State Chairman.



Bice also claimed Vice President Pence had endorsed her after recieveing a check from an affiliated PAC; however, the exact same letter and contribution was sent to Terry Neese.


Bice’s website mentions many things but the economy is NOT one of them and she favors dependency on oil from the House of Saud rather than an energy independent United States.


Bice has claimed the endorsement of the NRA; however, Neese also has a 92% rating with the NRA. Bice has just a 67% rating with the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association who is endorsing Terry Neese.

     Terry Neese’s campaign contributions come mostly from small businesses. Bice’s campaign contributions come mostly from corporations and the donor class.


     Terry Neese wants to eliminate wasteful spending, cut the National Debt and require an audit of every federal agency. Terry Neese has also been a successful business owner/operator and understands the challenges facing American businesses in 2021 and beyond.


     Terry has signed both the Taxpayer Pledge from ATR (Americans for Tax Reform) as well as the Term-Limits Pledge from U.S. Term Limits.



Meanwhile, Stephanie Bice’s voting record concerns many Oklahoma Republicans – She has voted to expand Medicaid, raise taxes, repeal capital gains deductions, and to override Governor Stitt at least twice.


     Terry Neese received 36.5% of the vote in the OKGOP primary. Bice’s camp only captured 25.4% of primary voters despite a VERY EXPENSIVE conventional and digital campaign.


For many months now, Oklahoma RINOs have struggled to convince conservatives that Bice is our best chance to beat Kendra Horn. We are not buying it. It is time for Oklahoma Republicans to rally behind Terry Neese for Congress.


#TakeBackThe5th #NeeseForCongress #ProtectTrumpVoteNeese #Neese2020

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