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What is “socialism”? – by Sean Wilson

Socialism is the centralization of good intentions for democratic purposes, taken to extremes and abused by those lacking the empathy and acumen to cope with and account for the inherent human nature of the mobthus requiring ever more controlling, abusive, and authoritarian implementation–in an attempt to constantly equalize life outcomes through the reduction of life to economic mediocrity, a lack of free and competitive markets, a concept of property ownership that depends on and reflects the permission and will of the mob, the non-existence of natural or unalienable rights, and a supposed non-existence of any rights not afforded or agreed to by the mob and on behalf of the mob by its agent, the nanny State.



     It is a recipe that blends the reduction of life to class struggle and the means and processes of production with equal parts suicidal political and life theory–that tramples upon natural human spirit and nature, and tops it off with denials of the existence of merit, individualism, self-reliance, freedoms and liberty. It is a religion for those who imagine the life of sheep is a good model for life and interaction with government.

     It is the inebriating drink of starving fools who celebrate the substitution of feelings and arbitrary emotions for logic and reason, in order to slack their thirst–never mind that they are dying of hunger.

     It is a convenient way for the power hungry and small-minded person to deny the natural aspirations and social interactions of people, refusing to recognize the inherent nature of humans as creative, social, and spiritual beings whose largest natural social group is the nation–people bound together through commonality that arises through striving, fighting, enduring, speaking, learning, creating, believing, teaching, succeeding, failing, sharing, and feeling as perfectly imperfect individuals, together by choice rather than dictate. It is the murder of the individual for the greater good of society. It is a theory for a good idea imagined by those who are confused by or incapable of enduring the animated contest that is liberty. It is life as permissible by, and subject to, the whims of the masses, whether or not they are ignorant, lacking imagination or will.

     It’s nothing any human with an ounce of passion in their heart, or the self awareness of the joy and benefits of free thought can stomach. It’s nothing that the bold or intrepid would willingly subject themselves–or others–to. It’s nothing useful for a people that wish to endure through the vagaries of history and the harsh trials of nature. It’s nothing fulfilling for anyone who believes in a thing imaginable, yet not able to be held in the hand.

    It’s a stream of cattle eagerly trampling each other in hopes of finding room on Charon’s ferry across the river Styx to a cookout where everyone is invited, because someone told them this wonderful thing called veal Parmigiano-Reggiano is going to be served.

Socialism is a way for the masses, the mob, to stomach having to endure the presence of each other until death intervenes to make the world someone else’s problem, for which the all-knowing State, a pseudonym for the indifference of the mob, has a canned response.


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