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We are Winning BIGLY with Trump! STOFU PREVIEW

Trump Winning Bigly
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

From Jeff Thomas of South Carolina, an astute independent researcher.



Here we are 2 years in to the Trump Presidency. Let’s recap where we stand. This is YOUR SOTU report… go!

First and foremost, our Executive Branch and US Military are restored for WE THE PEOPLE.

The attack on HUMAN TRAFFICKING began instantly. Sessions’s role was to navigate the murky waters of Obama never being a real president. The prosecution and destruction of the human trafficking was supercharged with the EPIC Executive Order 12/20/2017.

THOUSANDS of women children freed from a life of HELL ON EARTH by Trumps effort with the military and law enforcement.

Q came on the scene in October of 2017 telling us to keep track of the resignations.

The CABAL enemy domestic knew Trump was coming for them…. Sun Tzu Trump.

America is now the largest EXPORTER of ENERGY in the world. OPEC is no longer “the Bogey Man” the USA Corporation puppet presidents can blame for high gas prices.

So much more corruption and human rights atrocities have come to light in the last 2 years that it’s hard to list them.

The Q drops enlightening followers on the PAYSEUR TRUSTS and the 1871 natural Act. These revelations in to our main stream of media (not the FAKE NEWS) is a uniting force.

The 2018 TAX BILL is Trump as ROBIN HOOD taking hard working Americans tax dollars stolen by the USA CORPORATION and giving it back to them.

STEEL & ALUMINUM production is a vital National Security interest. The economic impact will ripple through our entire economy.

The Tariff and Excise tax system to pay for small, limited government in the future is up and running again.

Business and Capital is being repatriated and returning to the US in pursuit of profits in CAPITALISM again.

The CRONY FASCIST business franchise of FLEECING the American taxpayers is being dismantled.

THE UNIPARTY is being exposed and leveraged by Trump. The president tweeted out that some democrats are starting to crack under the pressure of the obvious ANTI-AMERICAN leadership of Pelosi & Schumer.

The political winds have shifted in spite of what those Monarch Mind Slaves who still watch TV hear.

The UBER LEFT is even MORE RADICAL than ever. The moderate base and minorities are slowly waking away. #WalkAway

Oh, they didn’t rush out to buy a MAGA hat or sign up for a Trump rally…YET!! But this crack will open to a gorge as more is revealed.

This is all part of Trump MASTERY of capturing Mind Slaves over to him. Every Monarch Mind Slave I know will tell you they are NOT UNDER CONTROL!

The phrase… FAKE NEWS… is prevalent in the modern vernacular. That achievement alone is attributed to our POTUS. The USA Corporation media is the enemy of the American people.

FANNIE & FREDDIE back under the US Treasury control is the UNDERDOG topic of this insurgency.

Understanding that everything that was being concentrated in the EXECUTIVE BRANCH for HRC to be the president is now in Trump’s power and control FOR THE PEOPLE.

America as founded ended in 1871 by virtue of stolen consent in the 1871 “Natural Act.” That made America a CORPORATION and each and every one of us a CORPORATE OWNED ASSET.

Our JUDICIAL BRANCH and LEGISLATIVE BRANCH still work for the USA Corporation owned by the Queen of England and the London Bank of Rothschild (oversimplification or just use CABAL).

Trump took his asymmetrical KILL BOX PLANNING strategized with the Military in advance to the CABAL on Day 1.

While people were restless to see the perp walks, the KILL BOX metrics knew to take out the OWNERSHIP OF USA Corporation first.

FAKE NEWS viewership is at an all-time low. We now wait on the JUSTICE phase.

Five Eyes (England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada plus the U.S. Black Hat Intelligence Agencies) was shut out of our American communications network.

A new 17+ America Global Alliance was formed on 11/11/2018.

USA Corporation NATO Alliance is the enemy of American Sovereigns like us. Their allegiance is to the Khazarian Mafia 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati.

The FARM BILL ends prohibition on HEMP in all 50 states. The water is back on in the Northern California farm region. President Trump extended a helping hand so farmers could compete again. BIG FARM is crony fascism and that is going to end.

BIG PHARMA is crony fascism collusion of government and the pharmaceutical industry. Trump has leveraged lower prices for those drugs.

ASSOCIATION Health Care is slowing seeing its advance of takers in this market. It’s just beginning as those companies are also waiting and wondering why CONgress is blocking Trump at every turn.

The Trump administration is not just cutting the intentional destructive RED TAPE… they are taking a chipper shredder to that commie BS.

The TRUCKING INDUSTRY was being intentionally destroyed by NAFTA – where MEXICAN trucks could “legally” enter the US and move goods without the same laws and regulations as USA Trucking businesses.  THAT is seeing a turnaround. I’ve seen signing bonuses for Truckers to come work for American companies!!

THE AUTO MAKERS are tooling up plants in the USA returning from CANADA & MEXICO.  JOBS!!!

3 wars have ended in 2 years.  North Korea and South Korea have taken down their demilitarized zone and connected a railway between them.

Albania, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Indonesia and other nations are being freed from CIA CLOWN CONTROL.

CHINA is still BIG PANDA – thanks to president Trump.

Trump renegotiated NAFTA in favor of the USA WE the People version.

The open ATTACK on our police is subsiding.  The urban democrat strong holds like Baltimore Chicago and LA are still attempting to use the Weather Underground plan on the thin blue line.  

ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER have lost their SOROS funding mechanism.  (12/20/2017 Executive Order extended another year to 12/20/2019). Soros camped $18 Billion in his network of anti-American enterprise.  Trump has likely frozen those assets.

PEDOWOOD actors and entertainers of the LOUDEST VOICES are diminish and marginalized.  Anyone seen or heard from CLOONEY or the Oprah lately?

Trump has put Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court so far…  RBG tick tock.

Trump has his pick of 4 of 7 seats on the FEDERAL RESERVE,  although we know that it is the NY Fed that actually controls the FED.  The FED will change STRUCTURE as the 1871 act and Fed ACT are exposed as policy and not LAW.

The Q phenomenon is teaching a whole new generation of critical thinking minds.  Young and old are anonymously communicating in the efforts to decode and discover the HISTORIC INTEL communication link from inside WE THE PEOPLE’S own government!!  “They never thought she’d lose” or their INQTEL would have shut off the internet access by patriots. It is too late now!!

There is still much work to do with the communist schools.  That will take priority very soon.

A NEW MEDIA will emerge quickly but for the sake of optics it is preferable to let the enemy of America take itself down.  

When the enemy is destroying itself… let that dog HUNT!!

For us critical thinker and TRUTH SEEKERS, our efforts are seeing cracks in the “CONSPIRACY THEORY” nut-job status we once were tagged with.  I thank you for your steadfast efforts in spite of all the hate delivered at us over these 2 year in the asymmetrical war.

Michael Flynn (PATRIOT extraordinaire) deemed us “an Army of digital soldiers” HOOAH!!

The NSA under the PATRIOT, Admiral Mike Rogers – now retired, has proven to be a WHITE HAT agency in support of the Trump insurgency to MAGA.

Political correctness and social justice BULLSHI$ see more and more people standing up to that Cultural Marxism.

Plus, as others have added:

President Trump also let the UN know where the US stands as a sovereign nation. He also got the US out of the phony Paris agreement.

President Trump has ended TPP. The underemployment rate is at an all time low. He also reformed the Prison Act.

The condensed version is…   WE ARE WINNING, BIGLY!!!!


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