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VIDEO: God Save the Chairman!

Chaos erupted Saturday March 9th at the 2019 OKCO GOP Convention. Grassroots activists opposed a highly controversial rule change that would make the OKGOP Chairman a passenger on his or her bus, rather than it’s driver:

In addition to making the State Executive Committee the new “principal governing committee of the State Party“, which had been previously limited to an “advisory capacity“, this set of rule changes will also reorganize the composition of the State Executive Committee drastically.

Why would Oklahoma Republicans want to take authority away from their duly elected OKGOP Chairman and Congressional District Vice-Chairmen? Is it more likely that a small group of swamp creatures within the party is trying to steer power away from the grassroots and towards the newly created position of Executive Director?

Watch below as the Oklahoma County GOP establishment loses control of the convention and exposes themselves by coordinating in the open:

In an unfortunate series of entangled motions and calls for division, this “block” of rule changes has been passed on to the OKGOP State Convention 2019 as a whole and without thorough review by most of the delegates.

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