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State Employee Pens Open Letter To Governor Kevin J. Stitt

To: Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite!

I’m an Oklahoma state employee, but more than that and what seems to be being missed, we are TAXPAYERS!

I would like to ask if you’d publish my letter to the governor on your page. We need a voice and we aren’t getting any help.


State employees have a couple of questions we’d like answers to, WE ARE ALSO TAXPAYERS, by the way; that seems to have been overlooked!

Is it not irresponsible to absolutely refuse to stop blowing away $135 million hard earned tax-payer dollars in state employee turnover?

A raise of $2,500 per employee across the board costs the state $90 million, FAR LESS than what you and this legislature INSIST on continuing to throw away.

The state reaps absolutely no benefit from that $135 million, yet you refuse to be prudent with that money. Why is that?

What is it going to take for those in the Capital to recognize that while your jetting here and there, going to fancy events and sitting in the fancy office, living in the people’s mansion, the state employees are the face of government seen by the masses. We deserve to be treated like YOU would want to be treated. Its way past time!

As a taxpayer, this question deserves to be answered. I’ve been to the Capital and asked, and asked, and asked. I’ve even mailed you letter after letter asking, and I haven’t received one single response.

Why isn’t the media asking this question?

Why aren’t taxpayers asking why $135 MILLION of their hard earned tax dollars are being irresponsibly tossed into the wind.

There’s an EASY fix!

Why isn’t this Administration taking this question seriously and putting a stop to the waste you promised to stop?

You DID promise to stop waste, didn’t you?

Janice Sizemore


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