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Sheriff Declares Stephens County 2A Sanctuary

     Oklahoma’s County Sheriffs are following suit after yesterday’s YUGE announcement from Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux. Oklahoma’s patriots cheered as Sheriff Devereaux drew a line in the red dirt around Logan County. Bloomberg, Everytown USA, Moms Demand Action and traitorous, tyrannical legislators like OK’s Representative Jason Lowe gnashed their teeth as Logan County was declared a “2A Sanctuary”. It seems other Oklahoma Sheriffs may have been at the ready, likely recruited by Sheriff Devereaux himself, to reaffirm their commitment to the Constitutional rights of their counties’ citizens as well.


Just 24 hours later, Sheriff Wayne McKinney of Stephens County, Oklahoma echoed the resolution submitted by Sheriff Devereaux. (see both below)


In December of last year, the nation watched as Virginia patriots banded together to defy their treasonous and tyrannical Governor Ralph Northam. After his election in November and with Democrats dominating both chambers of the VA state legislature, Governor Northam delivered on promises to molest the Second Amendment rights of his citizens/subjects. In response, several cities and counties passed “2A Sanctuary” policies, prohibiting the use of public resources to deny law abiding citizens their Constitutional rights.


Being a ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ means that, within the limits of the law, these counties will oppose any efforts to restrict its citizens’ gun rights. The resolution is not legally binding but expresses the locality’s intent that its public funds not be used to restrict Second Amendment rights.


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Sheriff Declares Logan County 2A Sanctuary

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