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Oklahoma Senator Joseph Silk Letter to President Donald Trump and US Attorney General William Barr

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Oklahoma Senators Pen Letter to President Trump

Oklahoma Senator Joseph Silk calls on President Donald Trump and US Attorney General William Barr to meet Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt regarding proposed legislation which would establish the most pro-life precedent of any state in the nation. SB13 would abolish abortion and criminalize the act as murder in the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Legislature is majority Republican and pro-life. Governor Stitt has stated that he would sign all pro-life legislation that came to his desk. In the State of the Union Speech, President Trump declared that we should, “work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life.” Currently the bill is being tabled by Health and Human Services Committee Chair Sen. Jason Smalley (R), who refuses to hear the bill, because he believes that the bill would be ruled unconstitutional. He is supported in his position by Senate Pro Tempore who does not believe the bill, “would save a single human life.” SB13 would end the legal practice of abortion and shut down abortion clinics in the state of Oklahoma. According to Oklahoma’s Constitution, Section II-2, “All persons have the inherent right to life…” Under Title 63 § 1‐737.15 Oklahoma does not recognize the right to abortion. On the federal level, President Trump has stated that abortion could be determined by the states. Based on this statement and his State of the Union Address, it appears that he is open to the discussion.

The letter is signed by Senators Joseph Silk, Larry Boggs, David Bullard, Chris Kidd, Nathan Dahm, Julie Daniels, Paul Scott, Roland Pederson, Mark Allen and Casey Murdock. The letter joins a call from Oklahoma citizens for the President to meet with Oklahoma’s Governor Kevin Stitt and other leaders to discuss the federal government’s response when Oklahoma abolishes abortion. The text of the letter is below as well as the video of an exclusive interview with Sen. Silk regarding the status of SB13 and the release of the letter.

Oklahoma State Senate
Joseph Silk
District 6
February 19, 2019

Office of the President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, D.C. 20500

Mr. President,

There is a growing movement in Oklahoma comprised of business leaders, medical professionals, university professors, lawyers, elected officials, law enforcement officers, and others calling for the immediate and complete abolition of human abortion. This movement is organized and engaged in educating the public and lobbying the state legislature. For the past several years, I have authored legislation that would assert state sovereignty and uphold both the Oklahoma Constitution and the Constitution of the United States by ending the practice of abortion and protecting innocent life in the State of Oklahoma.
I, along with the undersigned elected officials, formally request that you and Attorney General William Barr meet with us at your earliest convenience to discuss the response from the Federal Government along with other matters when the State of Oklahoma abolishes and criminalizes the act of abortion. This matter must be resolved quickly. In Oklahoma, 15-20 innocent children are murdered daily. We respectfully await your earliest response.


Joseph Silk, District 5 Larry Boggs, District 7
David Bullard, District 6 Chris Kidd, District 31
Nathan Dahm, District 33 Julie Daniels, District 29
Mark Allen, District 4 Casey Murdock, District 27

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