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Oklahoma County Republicans Reject Sanctuary Sheriff PD Taylor

     After a resolution was brought to the floor of the 2020 Oklahoma County Republican Party Convention, delegates affirmed a blistering criticism of Oklahoma County’s Sheriff P.D. “Sanctuary City” Taylor. With signatures from nearly a quarter of the convention’s 190 credentialed attendees, the proposal was read aloud and decided by voice vote; a thunderous Yea! with not a single Nay! to answer. Also named in the resolution was Oklahoma County Democrat District Attorney David Prater.


It was resolved on the morning of Saturday, March 7th by the Oklahoma County Republican Party:

Taylor has seen mounting opposition to his administration‘s policy of refusing to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In a press release last year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Dallas Field Director Marc Moore hammered the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) for habitually failing to honor ICE requests and “detainers”:

“Unfortunately, this is not an isolated event. Over the past few months, Oklahoma County has routinely failed to honor ICE detainers by releasing criminal aliens back into the local community before ICE has the opportunity to take custody.”

“Almost immediately following his release from the Oklahoma County Jail on Oct. 9, Ulises Perez went to the home of the woman he is alleged to have raped. The victim contacted the police and Ulises Perez fled the scene.”

“OKLAHOMA CITY – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested Antonio Ulises Perez, a 38-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador accused of rape, Wednesday, after the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) failed to honor an ICE detainer and released him from custody.” -U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) PRESS RELEASE [10/10/19]

“It is unconscionable that someone who is sworn to uphold the law would find it acceptable to release an alleged rapist who is illegally present in the U.S. back into the community when there are other options available under federal immigration law.”

   Sheriff P.D. Taylor’s accumulating problems are not exclusively with those from outside of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO). Deputy Michael McCully (R) is currently a full-time deputy with OCSO, an announced candidate for Oklahoma County Sheriff in 2020 and has been publicly critical of his boss. Deputy McCully filed a lawsuit recently naming the OCSO FOP 155, some of it’s membership and Sheriff P.D. Taylor in response to their stated intentions to dismiss him from their fraternal lodge. McCully says it is childish bullying, but does affect his insurance and other benefits as an employee of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

     Deputy McCully was at the convention serving as a delegate for his precinct and cheered as the resolution condemning Taylor and Prater passed unchallenged. Many of Oklahoma County’s elected officials were in attendance as delegates also and seemed to strongly support the resolution. None protested.

Officer Tommy Johnson III : LEFT <<<<<< : >>>>>> RIGHT: Deputy Michael McCully

“There is a swamp in Oklahoma County, we need a sheriff who serves with honesty and integrity to drain it.”

    Also representing his precinct at the convention was Norman police officer Tommie Johnson III. Officer Johnson is also a Republican candidate for Oklahoma County Sheriff in 2020. PRIMARY: JUNE 30th, 2020

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