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OKGOP Executive Committee Member Funneling Dark Money To Democrats

      As the RINO “tall tower” crowd continues to lose its power within the OKGOP, they have apparently taken drastic measures to retain power in Oklahoma — and this time they’ve been caught funneling money to liberal Democrats! The Oklahoman reported two weeks ago on a dark money PAC headed to court for illegal campaign operations, but what they failed to report was who the donations were going to and who was in charge of the PAC.

     It turns out that the registered filing agent for this dark money PAC is none other than the OKGOP Vice Chairman’s appointed executive committee member Seth Rott. Seth Rott is an outgoing, has-been lobbyist who is involved with the Oklahoma Young Republicans and is the founder of the pro-LGBT agenda Log Cabin Republicans. As registered filing agent of the PAC, Rott appears to have orchestrated the movement of tens of thousands of dollars illegally to candidates’ campaign accounts, including high profile liberal Democrats like Scott Inman and Cory Williams as shown below:

We at Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! have a few questions that grassroots Republicans should be asking ourselves.

1) Why is an executive committee member of the Oklahoma Republican Party funneling money to Democrats?
2) Why did OKGOP Vice Chair Mike Turner select an executive committee member who supports liberal causes and socialist candidates?
3) Is this part of a greater conspiracy by the RINO crowd to retain power by any means necessary within our state?
4) Should OKGOP executive committee member Seth Rott have to resign for his involvement in illegal campaign activities?

This story is actively unfolding and we will have more updates coming in the near future.


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