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OKGOP #DeepState Attacks Chairman David McLain

       There is a fierce battle being fought in Oklahoma between grassroots Republicans and the OKGOP #DeepState. Many Oklahoma Republicans have witnessed the manifestations of this struggle, but may not understand what is happening behind the scenes. From the previous state administration’s heavy handed highjacking of county conventions to the more recent Oklahoma Young Republicans Convention, we have seen a consistent disregard for the grassroots from the OKC establishment.

       Thanks to a serious media effort to inform and mobilize Republicans from all over Oklahoma, the grassroots showed up in force at state convention and refused to let the outgoing Chairwoman, Pam Pollard, suspend the bylaws of the OKGOP. Why would such a thing even be considered? Well, because the OKGOP #DeepState was pushing for the creation of an “Executive Director” position that would usurp the authority of our Chairman.

VIDEO: God Save the Chairman!

       Chairman McLain’s victory was overwhelming and his executive power was not ceded to the State Executive Committee, as the cabal that sits there within had intended. This was a huge setback for the partycrats, RINOs and RINOcrats. They likely knew they were going to lose the officer elections, but never dreamed the grassroots would come ready for their parliamentarian tricks and prevent them from supplanting the chairman’s role as chief executive. An executive director was hired by Chairman McLain anyways, as was already common practice. The new Executive Director, Tom Demont, wasn’t one of the OKCronies though and that was not acceptable to the OKGOP #DeepState.

It is important to note at this point: We know who our enemies are. When they say “unity”, what they mean is “shut up and stop complaining”. Why are we at Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! never fooled by their shenanigans? We know who they are, what they are and that it is only ever a matter of time until you catch them acting like despots yet again.

       Unfailingly, the OKGOP #DeepState showed their true colors these last several months. After insisting that an executive director was completely necessary and paying them an absolute must, they closed their checkbooks to our new chairman and began a bitter campaign against those separating them from reclaiming complete control over the OKGOP.

       We are not going to let that happen. Chairman David L. McLain made one crucial mistake. He assumed we were all at least playing on the same team and he gave “unity” a shot. How is that working out for you sir?

       Unfortunately, some grassroots figures who had once passionately supported Chairman McLain, were spooked by the OKC establishment’s rhetoric, or perhaps have been softened by access, and ultimately broke ranks. This caused a momentary rift within the grassroots movement and emboldened the enemy.

       The grassroots kept working quietly and tirelessly, with a clear understanding of who was laboring, also quietly, against us. Then came the 2019 OKYR Convention and these two factions were again locked in a parliamentarian struggle for control of the party. As at the OKGOP state convention, the grassroots activists and organizations scored a major victory in what was reportedly dubbed “Operation Overhaul”, replacing the old guard officers with an entirely fresh slate of officers.

      In an audacious attempt to silence young Republicans (18-40yo) who drove to Oklahoma City from all over the state, the previous OKYR administration purposefully misinterpreted their own bylaws in a way that would drastically reduce the at-large representation. This intentional misinterpretation would have consolidated just over half of the delegates, approximately 40 people, into a single (5) votes. Despite however inactive or even dysfunctional a county chapter of the OKYR had been, each club was to be apportioned thrice that PLUS their base (5) per county, bringing their total in each of those privileged counties to (20).

Rather than allow the OKYR to become an effective and active vehicle for the party, with members and charters all over the state, former OKYR Chair John Roberts attempted to shut the convention down prematurely whilst ignoring protests and calls for “division” from the floor. Without a proper motion to adjourn and in flagrant defiance of Robert’s Rules of Order, the OKC establishment walked away and left an active convention in progress. What happened next was truly inspiring. Young conservative Republicans from Oklahoma, Canadian and Logan Counties took control and properly executed the business of the convention.

 From the day he was elected, the OKGOP #DeepState has been maneuvering the party and Chairman McLain deeper into debt while promising eventual support. Both David McLain and the executive director were bounced back and forth from RINOcrat to RINOcrat, unaware that there was never any money coming, just trickery and dirty politics. Again, this was Chairman McLain’s honest mistake, as he is an honest man and would not suspect such underhanded betrayals could be perpetrated against a fellow Republican.


THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT REPUBLICANS. The OKC establishment has simply come to control the OKGOP by proximity and they have been treating conservatives like unwanted stepchildren of the Republican Party.

     The winds of change are blowing. The battle is raging. The grassroots are winning, but it is definitely a “dog fight”. More than anything, Chairman McLain needs your prayers as he is realizing that the lines are drawn and the usual donors are not interested in “unity”. The attacks will be coming now against him and his administration for the dumpster fire that the OKGOP #DeepState has created at HQ. We are not surprised by these tactics, nor are we impressed. None asked, none given, no quarter.

Chairman David L. McLain is a man of his word, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and doing his best to get our party moving forward, but the OKC establishment could not care less about making the OKGOP great again; they want control.

Consider donating to the Oklahoma Republican Party today. Chairman McLain needs your support now!

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