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President Barack Obama talks with Kim Teehee, Senior Policy Advisor for Native American Affairs, in the Oval Office, April 26, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


A former advisor to the 44th President of the United States, Barrack Hussein Obama, has been named Oklahoma’s newest congresswoman. The Cherokee Nation has long been a battleship in Oklahoma for the Democrat party and will now be sending an appointed representative to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Chicago native, Kimberly Teehee was tapped by the newly elected Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. Hoskin was elected in a very controversial campaign during which his opponent was arbitrarily disqualified before the final results could be tallied; taking plays straight from the DNC’s playbook.

           In a letter to Joe Byrd, Speaker of the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council, newly-seated Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. announced his intention to appoint Kimberly Teehee as the Cherokee Nation’s first-ever delegate to the United States House of Representatives. The Cherokee Nation has long considered itself owed a Representative in Congress due to an 1835 treaty with the United States government, but it has never attempted to seat one until now.

          Kimberly Teehee, a native of Chicago, is a former lobbyist who served as the White House Senior Policy Advisor for Native Affairs under President Barack Obama and has served as the Vice President of Government Relations for Cherokee Nation Businesses since 2014 after being appointed by Principal Chief Bill John Baker.

         This decision comes on the heels of a hotly contested election in Cherokee Nation, where a leading candidate for Principal Chief was controversially disqualified by the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court two days before Election Day due to allegations made by a Hoskin campaign employee. The election results have been under fire for two months by various lawsuits and petitions, including a petition that was recently signed by nearly 1,000 Cherokee citizens requesting a Bureau of Indian Affairs investigation into the election and a second election with federal supervision.

         High profile financial supporters of Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. include Oklahoma State Representative Avery Frix, disgraced former Governor David Walters, and Drew Edmondson, a former Attorney General and the 2018 Democrat nominee for Governor.

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