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     A water-damaged laptop said to belong to Hunter Biden was dropped off and reportedly left at the shop without payment for services rendered by an unidentified person. The shop, owned by a man named John Paul Mac Isaac, is located in the Trolley Square neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware. It has been reported based on an interview held with Isaac that after many failed attempts to reach someone to retrieve Hunter’s laptop, he reached out to the FBI. Isaac reportedly turned over the laptop, as well as an external hard drive – allegedly containing scandalous videos/images showing Hunter Biden smoking crack during sex acts, asleep with a crack pipe in his mouth and other compromising images, as well as an ongoing conversation between himself and Ukrainian executive Vadym Pozharskyij.


     It is no secret that Hunter has had less than a stellar rap with allegations of him contributing to prostitution rings and sex-slave camps. Hunter has had a longtime battle with addiction in which even his father, Joe Biden, grew increasingly more concerned as more evidence to his struggles hit the media. Hunter was scorned for joining the Burisma board in 2014 with a salary reportedly up to $50,000-a-month, with zero prior experience, leaving some to suspect possible corruption concerning U.S. foreign affairs. Both Hunter and his father Joe Biden deny having ever met with Pozharskyij, though there has been some possible evidence to the contrary.


     It is believed the damaged laptop was dropped off and left sometime around April 2019, and in that year, Hunter’s life seemed to be in a downhill spiral. Hunter was dishonorably discharged from the Navy, caught utilizing the dating site Ashley Madison, which encourages married men to cheat on their wives, had photos leaked of him smoking crack during sex acts and other nefarious dealings, and finally divorced his wife of 22-years, Kathleen Biden due to the amassing allegations and scandal suffocating their marriage.

Beau and Hallie Biden                                                                                                                      Hunter and Hallie Biden

Apparently, before Hunter and Kathleen’s divorce was finalized he moved onto his brother, Beau’s widowed wife, Hallie Biden. Tragically, Beau passed away from glioblastoma, a rare and relentless form of brain cancer in 2015. It is reported they connected over their shared grief of that loss and started dating in February 2017 only to break up later that same year. Hunter told The New Yorker  “All we got was **** from everybody, all the time. It was really hard. And I realized that I’m not helping anybody by sticking around.”

Not too long after their split, it is reported Hunter met Melissa Cohen through a mutual friend and got married in her apartment only six days after meeting her.

That is just a glimpse of his personal life.

     Hunter’s recovered laptop and hard drive allegedly contained emails showing Hunter in correspondence with Pozharskyij, and being thanked for arranging a meeting between him and his father Joe Biden, despite Biden outwardly denying any meeting, as well as his appointment book not showing any meeting to have taken place. “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure”, the email read. Allegedly there was fluid conversation between them and if proven to be fact could have a lot to say about our current campaign climate.

     Interestingly, all social media sites are scared out-of-their-wits of this alleged leak. Twitter has issued an essential “hold” on the article until it is proven to not be “fake news”. We do not believe we have always been this stringent when it comes to our freedom of speech and freedom to botch said speech. Seems to us someone is afraid of the truth coming out at a very convenient time for Trump’s Administration.

Crack pipe or no crack pipe – we are cracking as a nation and we need to start bridging the gaps.

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