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Local Union Bullies Deputy Gets Sued

Big news in the race for Oklahoma County Sheriff, which The Oklahoman recently called “…one to watch in 2020.” (see article below)

“As the Oklahoma County jail moves toward being managed by an administrator, the sheriff finds himself adjusting to a new role — and being challenged by at least three men who want the job.”

“Others believe they’re better suited for the job. One of those is a current sheriff’s deputy, Mike McCully, who was critical of his boss as he announced his intention to run.”

     Sheriff P.D. “Sanctuary City” Taylor has been understandably nervous about his bid for reelection in 2020, but as the June 30th primary draws near, he and the OCSO FOP 155 seem most concerned by challenger and P.D. Taylor’s fellow Republican, Deputy Michael McCully.

     Deputy Mike McCully has been in law enforcement since 1982, served his country in the United States Navy along side United States Marines as a Navy Corpsman, is a dues paying member of the OCSO FOP 155 in good standing and currently a full-time deputy with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.


     McCully has been openly critical of Sheriff P.D. Taylor’s administration. On his website McCully calls for increased cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), better relations with other elected officials, community leaders, and the media as well as fair and transparent systems for hiring and promotion of employees.



     Since announcing his candidacy, Deputy McCully has been been approached by several members of P.D. Taylor’s administrative staff, regarding a range of complaints about his campaign. When pressed about early encounters with OCSO’s attorney Daniel Honeycutt and Public Information Officer Mark Myers, McCully said they insisted he alter his website and stop quoting their salaries during interviews with the media. As Deputy McCully became more vocal about possible corruption and mismanagement within the department, serious threats to McCully and his property began to surface on social media; though McCully says they are, “hardly credible” and “do not bother him“. The letter he received on February 21, 2020 (pictured above) seems to suggest the OCSO FOP 155 is done _asking_ him to keep quiet.


Deputy McCully has been attacked personally from the OCSO FOP 155‘s Facebook page, especially after opening a dialogue between other Oklahoma County deputies and County Commissioner Kevin Calvey at a recent campaign event.


     Deputy McCully filed a lawsuit on Monday afternoon naming the OCSO FOP 155, some of it’s membership and Sheriff P.D. Taylor in response to their stated intentions to dismiss him from their fraternal lodge. McCully says it is childish bullying, but does affect his insurance and other benefits as an employee of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. A kangaroo court will be assembled Tuesday evening and Deputy McCully will likely have his membership revoked, but McCully assured us that would only strengthen his resolve.

As a result of today’s filings, a judge will be hearing the details soon and we will keep you updated! In the meantime, if you want to help Deputy Mike McCully resist the heavy hand of Sheriff P.D. “Sanctuary City” Taylor and the OCSO FOP 155, PLEASE GO TO to donate or volunteer.

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