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LGBTQP+ Activist Cries Wolf | David Boren + Tripp Hall CLEARED

David Boren, former President of Oklahoma University and long-time liberal, is certainly no fan of Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! and the feeling is quite mutual. However, even liberal Democrats do not deserve to be falsely accused of rape.

Allegations against Boren, as well as former OU Vice-President Tripp Hall, made by an OKC LGBTQP+ activist were dismissed last week.



“…NonDoc published a story detailing the allegations of Jess Eddy, a former classroom aide to Boren who said the former governor and U.S. senator came onto him multiple times, kissed him and touched him inappropriately.”


At first glance, this scenario feels familiar and self explanatory enough:

     A young student or employee, likely infatuated with their victim, is either rejected or terminated and responds with ruinous and unfounded accusations of sexual impropriety.

     However, Jess Eddy had more than just sorority sisters at home to poissibly egg these false allegations on. Jess’s mother, Kindanne Jones, is currently an assistant attorney general and his father, Rand Eddy, is one of OKC’s most experienced attorneys. This family and their familiars are dripping with left wing, “insider” liberal-democrat politics.

     Is it possible that these allegations were crafted and deployed strategically by Eddy and his parents, or their handlers, to intentionally damage David Boren’s career and reputation? In any case, what you see here is what you get on the left; they will eventually eat even their own, inevitably.

Boren and Hall were represented by Tulsa huckster Clark Brewster of Brewster & De Angelis who offered the following statement:

“This saga and this anxiety and the hurt that it caused to the Borens is now over, and I’m very pleased with that,”

“The sun comes up this morning for them and they are able to lead their lives like they should have with a degree of pride for what they’ve done for the University of Oklahoma and the state of Oklahoma.”

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