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Is Congress Broken? – Opinion by Sean Wilson

Opinion by Sean Wilson about whether or not congress is broken

This 116th Congress will be the most ignorant and useless Congress yet. Democrats have submitted a bill to abolish the electoral college. They don’t seem to realize we live in a republic, not a democracy. The difference between republicanism and democratic processes escapes them, apparently.

For a party that constantly rails against populism, they can’t seem to grasp the important design for government our Founders left us, and how it actually acts as a brake/resistance to a tyranny of the masses which might very easily arise from populism.

There are three different branches of government (not three different branches of Congress as the ignorant democratic socialist from the Bronx seems to think) that make up our republican form of government–which the Constitution guarantees.

Legislative (Congress), comprising the House of Representatives and Senate, are elected by popular vote, whereby the people choose who they feel represents their State. One House represents State based selection, the other population based selection. Each State gets the same Senators in the upper house, while States get numbers based Representatives in the lower house. That which is popular, gets filtered through that which should be more experienced and wiser.

The Executive, is selected by electors–a combination of State based and population determiners/selection. This is what Madison pointed out in The Federalist No. 39, and which apparently seems to escape leftists, particularly millennials. The Founders wanted the Executive to be representative of both determiners, just as they wanted to make the lower and upper Houses of the Legislature representative of the State and population determiners. The use of electors also helps avoid a party controlled/run selection process–and it likewise allows for an INFORMED MAJORITY, electors meeting together, getting all the information, having a chance to engage in political discourse–unlike a simple popular vote by masses of uninformed voters, where people can cast a vote even when they think a natural born citizen is someone not brought into the world via Caesarian section. We see the reality and consequences of that daily.

The Judiciary, nominated by the Executive and confirmed by the Legislative. They serve for life, and are meant to represent long-standing collective expressions of the pillars of national expression. They are to remind the spirit of the moment of the spirit of principles and the law, and not to shape it to their personal opinion as judicial activism has so wrongly done since the Reconstruction.

All of these things were done to carefully maintain the majority rule necessary for republican government, without giving into the tyranny of the masses and mob rule of pure democracy. All of these things are necessary, and you eliminate one pillar holding up a critical portion of government, you undermine it all. Democrats love to rail against populism, but their attempt to abolish the electoral college would not just allow it, but would in fact entrench it.

We already have a government so far out of balance, that it violates the Constitution and seizes powers reserved to the States and People. We have political parties working for their own benefit and power rather than working for the good of the republic. We have one party supporting foreign invaders and refusing to protect the States against invasion as the Constitution explicitly requires.

Democrats envision abolishing the electoral college and importing millions of illegals who will happily vote for free things and demand more benefits and entitlements. They know it will be populism which they pretend to stand against. They’re not against populism, they’re just against a vision other than theirs being popular.

What they fail to consider, is that by attacking pillars of our republican government, they are becoming destructive not only of that form of government, but to the ends for which it was created. There is found neither any nation ruled by mob or ruled by a tyranny of the masses, where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are respected and protected–and none ruled by such that recognizes natural rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, nor the right to keep and bear arms. There are no socialist nations where those things are protected. There are no Nordic model nations where those things hold true. There are no communist nations that hold up those ends for which our republic was instituted. There are no fascist or Islamofascist nations that stand for, cherish, protect, or even tolerate those things.

There are, however, plenty of leftist controlled shitholes in flames, mired in debt and poverty, with ignorant masses of invaders crapping in public showers and on sidewalks. There is Venezuela, where socialism is an abject failure, and peasants are ordered to work in the fields and the government’s solution to food shortages is to eat rabbit and face rabbit starvation (there’s a reason you don’t make rabbit the foundation of your diet, it’s science). There are socialist and communist countries where people are routinely murdered by government. There are Islamofascist regimes where little girls are raped and then publicly stoned for being victims of pedophiles, where gays are thrown off rooftops, and where ignorance, humping goats, and murdering or enslaving people who disagree with your are tolerated and encouraged.

Why would Democrats want to abolish one of the very few things standing between We the People and those alternative outcomes which the history of the world has shown to be not only normal, but likely–even in the 21st century? Just look at South Africa, where the most powerful nation on the continent has been turned into an impoverished shithole with riots, rampant crime, a ruined economy, and where racism–once decried by the international community only 24 years ago–is openly pursued again by the government, with racial based expropriation of land. Apparently, Democrats want to be the norm among nations, rather than the exception.

There’s a reason millions of illegals have entered the USA and you don’t see millions of Americans breaking laws trying to get into Venezuela or Bolivia.

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