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Group Seeks Holt Recall

Recent buzz surrounding Mayor Holt’s choice in bedfellows is cause for great concern for many of his constituents. A group of citizens has come together for the purpose of “investigating allegations that Mayor Holt is colluding with the enemy, and being paid to do it.”


When asked about the talk of a recall, one member of the groups leadership stated:
“A mayor should be removed for willful violation of his citizens’ rights, failure to protect their rights, abuse of his office to allow certain groups to gain undue influence and favor over the general population, and the committing of financial fraud.”

     It is rumored that in addition to spending substantial time with Representative Kendra Horn, Mayor Holt has been palling around with the likes of former NYC Mayor and 2020 presidential contender, Mike Bloomberg and Rep Cory Booker of New Jersey.

    I do not like this at all. Birds of a feather stay together. All of his time is being spent with people who desire nothing more than to turn our country to socialism.” One attendee explained.

     There are mounting concerns of the growing homeless population in Oklahoma City, and some say that members of the Oklahoma City police department have been vocal about the origins of the problem.

    One of the goals of MAPS 4 is to take in the homeless from other states, in exchange for monetary and political support from some of the nation’s most liberal leadership. Holt stands to make millions of dollars off of MAPS, much like Cornett has, while putting a tremendous strain on our resources such as police officers.” A woman stated; when pressed she replied,“Follow the money. That’s what we are doing.”

A quick look at mayor Holt’s social media seems to lend credibility to some of the group’s claims.

When questioned directly about his partnering with cities, such as Los Angeles, to take in part of their homeless population, the mayor dismissed the concerns as “urban myths.”

At OTU, we are committed to shining a light on the truth and will continue to follow this story. If you have and information about this issue, or any other, please contact us!

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