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Chairman David L. McLain rallies troops for 2020

Oklahoma GOP Chairman David L. McLain has been doing a remarkable job since taking over the party earlier this year. During what could be described as a grassroots referendum, Chairman McLain was elected by a sizable majority of the state convention’s delegates and has not let us down.





The situation was not spectacular when his team assumed command, but as a veteran of the United States Navy, tough spots and hard calls are nothing new for David. In addition to a severe lack of organization and infrastructure, the morale at HQ and in Oklahoma County was low. After the chaos that was the previous administration, nothing was on the calendar and no one knew just what it would take to Make the OKGOP Great Again, but Chairman McLain got straight to work.





A flurry of activity began to spring forth from the OKGOP headquarters! Suddenly, phones were ringing, social media posts were spreading, candidates were being equipped via boot camps and armed with GOP Data-center; it is indeed a wonderful time to be a Republican in Oklahoma. Chairman McLain is rallying the troops for 2020 and quickly making up for the previous administration’s complacency.


We have a platform for the first time in many years, the grassroots are motivated and our Governor, J. Kevin Stitt, is certainly shaking things up at 23rd & Lincoln. As we march forward, towards victory in 2020, let’s take time to thank Chairman David L. McLain and pray for his enduring strength, judgement and faith.


God bless Oklahoma, God bless the Republican Party, God bless President Donald J. Trump and God bless these United States of America. We are #winning!

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