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Belcher Bows Out Gives Nod To Neese

     As the race for Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District heats up, we are seeing some consolidation within the Conservative ranks. Republican candidates are fighting fiercely for the 0KGOP nomination to take down Oklahoma’s only Democrat Congresswoman Kendra Horn. Considered one of the most likely to flip seats in the 2020 election cycle, Oklahoma’s CD-5 is already proving to be an exciting saga of left vs. center vs. right. The latest pivot came Monday when OKC business man Dan Belcher announced, via Facebook, his support for his opponent Terry Neese for Congress. (see website below)


     Now more so than ever perhaps, Conservatives recognize a disconnect between their Constitutional convictions and the party which has become old and not so grand; the Grand Old Party. A revival of the Republican soul truly began, especially here in Oklahoma, in 2012, when an uncompromising and brilliant statesman from Texas, named Ron Paul, ran for President as a Republican. He inspired thousands of activists to push back against the ever expanding and purposefully ambiguous cartoons our bureaucracies had become. Freedom fighters, young and old, became comrades in this animating contest of liberty and they did it under a Republican banner. Of course, they were silenced, marginalized and shuffled aside by the establishment in favor of the status quo.


Trump Winning Bigly

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

     Fast forward to 2016. Donald J. Trump is drawing crowds too big to put in buildings, saying the most Conservative and common sense things Republicans and Libertarians have heard since Ron Paul, and the GOP establishment is being overrun by god fearing, gun toting, flag waving patriots that rejected 16 of their most polished politicians. Two short years after, President Donald J. Trump is making America great again, the usual Republican Party processes have taken back over and Conservatives are again being attacked by those who are supposedly within our own ideological sphere i.e. the right or right of center. Unlike 2012 though, we had already taken the high ground in Trump’s presidency. Our guy was at the top, shutting down the government, cutting taxes, hammering Democrats and reclaiming the brand of the Republican Party.

    Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, “Republicans” were growing government, raising taxes, colluding with socialist education unions to strong arm and slander our elected representatives and openly waging propaganda campaigns against members of their own caucus. (see link below)

     President Trump will be back on the ballot this year. All across this great nation, the scores of “Deplorables” who turned out for President Trump will undoubtedly be back at their polling places come November. These people believe in lower taxes, less government and do not trust either major political party. This perfect storm represents a rare opportunity for the OKGOP to fill our public offices with Oklahomans who share those values and support President Donald J. Trump.

     If Conservatives do not take serious ground in 2020, we will have only ourselves blame. Divided, we can not stand. If the Constitutional Conservatives of Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District can not file in behind a single candidate, we are going to see a run off between two RINOs.

     Dan Belcher, former candidate for the Republican nomination to defeat Horn, has taken a step back and behind his former opponent Terry Neese. When asked about what finalized the decision, Belcher’s team cited analysis favoring a female nominee in the district and Neese’s likenesses to President Trump.


“Terry Neese is business, she’s not politics. It’s time for Conservatives to get their golf clubs and protect what we love. Terry is a fighter and she can beat Kendra Horn. She’s a REAL Republican.” – Dan Belcher


“Terry Neese For Congress is an accomplished entrepreneur, savvy stateswoman and has been supporting the GOP and OKGOP for many years. She has consistently advocated for smaller government, lower taxes and maximum individual liberties. She’s a fierce supporter of the 2nd Amendment and has signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge not to propose or vote in favor of ANY tax increases.

It has been a distinct pleasure meeting and getting to know so many amazing Republicans in Oklahoma’s 5th District, as well as the other candidates. Team Belcher 2020 would like to encourage the other conservative candidates in this race to consider consolidating their support and efforts behind Terry Neese For Congress. If we are divided, we can not stand. Let’s give the conservative grassroots a seat at the table in Washington D.C. VOTE FOR Terry Neese For Congress on June 30th, 2020.”

Thank you and God bless you all. – Team Belcher 2020

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