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Apples for Sale; Oklahoma’s Swamp Exposed! Law Enforcement Reviews Report…

There are very few conservative voices left in Oklahoma, but many of them that do remain were shocked and deeply disturbed by the recent employment of “gun for hire” political consultant Fount Holland by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA). Fount Holland recently helped HD91 Representative Chris Kannady lead a purge of conservative Republicans from the Oklahoma Legislature, referred to by Rep. Kannady and his co-conspirators as “The Project”.

For the last year, #OTUmedia and our sources have been unravelling this tangled web of graft, greed and lies. Leo J. (Lee) Baxter, Oklahoma State Board of Education and OCPA Board of Trustees Executive Committee member, owns a Lawton based consulting firm which became the vehicle for this insidious series of deceptions: Signal Mountain Associates Inc.


Signal Mountain Associates represents a number of conflicting interests in Oklahoma; usually via their most congenial operative, Angela Clark Little. As a paid lobbyist for Oklahomans for Public Education and employee of Signal Mountain, @ACL was selling Apples to “Republican” legislators while simultaneously working to get several Democrat candidates, even Drew Edmondson, elected in 2018.


Why would a board member of OCPA be keeping a lobbyist on his pay roll who was, and is, waging war on conservatives? Why would Signal Mountain Associates be selling Apples to “Republicans” while, at the same time, working against now Governor Kevin J. Stitt in an effort to elect a Democrat, Edmondson, as Governor of Oklahoma? Who is paying Lee Baxter, Angela Clark Little and Signal Mountain Associates for Apples from Oklahomans for Public Education?

Follow the money…

These excerpts are only a few scattered pieces from a lengthy report currently being reviewed by Oklahoma Law Enforcement.

Contact OCPA today and urge them to consider the information in this article carefully:

Oklahoma Council Of Public Affairs
1401 N. Lincoln Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73104
P: 405.602.1667 • F: 855.819.0085




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